Telangana, Maharashtra sign pact for Godavari projects

A dam in Maharashtra (Source: IWP Flickr Photos)
A dam in Maharashtra (Source: IWP Flickr Photos)

Telangana, Maharashtra sign pact for irrigation projects across Godavari

Bringing an end to their dispute, the Telangana and Maharashtra governments have finally signed a historic pact for the construction of three barrages on the Godavari river and its tributaries--Penganga and Pranahita. The first agreement is for the construction of the barrage at Medigadda by the Telangana government that will help irrigate 18.19 lakh acres of land in six districts. Under the second agreement, the Tummadihatti barrage will be built on Pranahita while the Chanaka-Korata barrage will be built on Penganga river under the third agreement.

Why no progress on river zone regulations? Environmentalists asks government

It has been nearly seven months since the draft policy on the river zone regulation was sent to all the states for comments and suggestion, but only a few have responded. The policy that was drafted in 2002, received a boost following the June 2013 floods in Uttarakhand and was finally sent to all the states on January 8, 2016. However, the comments have been received only from a few states and that too in opposition to the proposed policy that seeks to prohibit or regulate developmental activities on riverfronts and floodplains.

NGT slaps a fine of Rs 9.26 crore to Alaknanda hydro corporation

The National Green Tribunal has ordered the Alaknanda Hydro Power Co. Ltd. to pay Rs 9.26 crore as compensation to the affected people for irresponsible muck disposal which was flowing during the floods in Uttarakhand in June 2013. As per the claims, the power firm had dumped large amount of muck around its 330MW Srinagar Hydroelectric Project site without proper precautionary measures. However, the power firm has reiterated that it was the cloudburst that has caused the Alaknanda river to change its course and overflow which led to the disbursement of muck in the region. 

Tamil Nadu opposes dam proposed by Kerala across Siruvani river

Claiming to get no response from the Tamil Nadu government on Kerala’s proposal to build a gravity dam across Siruvani river, a sub-tributary of the Cauvery river, the Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) has recommended a grant of standard Terms of Reference for the project. However, as per the TN Government, who is strongly opposing the project, the environment ministry has written no letter about the proposal. The TN chief minister has requested prime minister Narendra Modi to intervene and withdraw the EAC’s recommendations.

Notice to Gurgaon civic body for damaging Aravalli area

The forest department has issued notice to the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon on damaging the flora and fauna of the Aravalli forest areas by the leachate flowing from Bandhwari waste treatment. Apart from the forest region, the leachate is also polluting the groundwater of Gurgaon as it is interlinked with the Aravalli aquifer. However, as per the MCG official, the Bandhwari waste treatment site gets cleaned twice every month, but this month, the cleaning was not done because of the monsoon.

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