Tata Chemicals, Babrala plant in Uttar Pradesh practices efficient water management as a corporate initiative (2007)

The plant uses three pronged strategies for efficient water management: water efficient design, efficient operations to conserve water and continuous identification of new conservation opportunities

This presentation provides the details of the efforts made by Tata Chemicals,  Babrala, Uttar Pradesh plant at water conservation. Tata Chemicals' Babrala plant, billed as India's most energy and water efficient fertilizer complex, uses a three pronged strategy for efficient water management:

  • A water efficient design
  • Efficient operations to conserve water
  • The continuous identification of new conservation opportunities

Among the design elements are:

  • The use of fresh water from borewells instead of water from the nearby river Ganga to avoid the need for pre-treatment
  • Combination of strong and weak acid cation inputs in the demineralization (DM) plant instead of just strong acid cation inputs as is done in most such plants
  • The reuse of boiler blow down for cooling tower needs, of treated innocuous effluent for green belt development
  • Zero effluent discharge capability built into the original design itself.

Operational efficiency has been brought about through continuous monitoring and vigilance, recycling of condensates and through several optimization procedures that ensure that only such water as is actually necessary at a given time is sent to the cooling tower, the DM Plant and the boilers. The company also conducts awareness drives for workers and township dwellers and has systematic environmental incident reporting procedures.

More information can be obtained from the presentation that can be downloaded from below:


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