IMD predicts less rainfall thanks to strong El Nino

IMD predicts strong El Nino (Source: MSN Weather)
IMD predicts strong El Nino (Source: MSN Weather)

Strong El Nino, less rainfall this year: IMD

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted over 70% chance of an El Nino forming in the Pacific this year. This will further strengthen due to the absence of a counter effect of Indian Ocean Dipole, which is a climatic condition whose interaction with El Nino determines how good or bad the monsoon is in a given year. The phenomenon will affect the Indian rainfall with the North-west region impacted the most. Moreover, according to Australian researchers an El Nino-like phenomenon is also expected to occur in the Indian Ocean, which will cause extreme weather events in Australia, Indonesia and eastern Africa.

Water release from reservoir in Himachal washes away 24 students

24 engineering students from Hyderabad who had come to Himachal Pradesh for excursion, were washed away by a sudden release of water from the Larji dam. The students who were going to Manali had stopped by the banks of Beas river near Mandi for sight seeing. The state government is still unclear for the reason of the mishap and has ordered a special police team to investigate whether the tragedy was manmade or natural. 

CAG reports cost overrun of Rs. 60,000 crore in Maharshtra irrigation projects

The 601 ongoing irrigation projects in Maharashtra have overrun costs by Rs. 60,000 crore, reports CAG's Present Performance Audit on Management of Irrigation Projects. The audit shows that 225 projects have been ongoing for more than 15 years out of which 77 are ongoing for more than 30 years. The reason for the delay is improper estimates of the irrigation projects before initiating work as well as the absence of a well-defined system to grant project approvals. 

560 farmers take their lives following hailstorms in Maharashtra

560 farmers in the state committed suicide after hailstorms that occurred in February and March affected yields. According to the Relief and Rehabilitation Minister, 232 farmers have already been compensated, while 148 are still pending settlement. However, the authorities had earlier rejected relief to 180 farmers as they were ineligible, but looking at the severity of hailstorms orders have been given to compensate these 180 farmers as well. 

Saving 60K litres of water a day using powerless water purification system

The College of Engineering, Pune, installs a water purification system, under the Natural Water Treatment Technologies project, that works without power and uses gravity to filter water. The Institute is first of its kind to install such a system that will save nearly 60,000 litres of water per day. The recycled water will be used for flushing and watering the gardens of the college campus, although, as per norms, the water is even fit for drinking.  

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