Special edition of Hind Swarajya by Mahatma Gandhi

Inspiration to assume our roles

Hind Swarajya - Mahatma GandhiA special edition to commemorate 100 years of Hind Swarajya

Gandhiji in his life wrote lakhs of letters, but not too many books. Of the few he wrote, Hind Swarajya is considered the most notable. He wrote this book in 1909, when he had not got fully involved in the country's political situation. Even then, this book is considered his soul.

Hind Swarajya is thought by many today, including thinkers, people's representatives, scholars and those working on the ground, to be the only possible way the country can come out of its current economic and political crisis.

The purpose of bringing out this new edition, is to inspire each and everyone of us to do our own part.

This is a hindi edition of the book, and has been made available to the India Water Portal, by Surinder Baansal.

Note from Surinder Baansal (Editor): This book is also known by its "Hind Swaraj" title, though the original version written by Gandhiji has the title as "Hind Swarajya".



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