Speakers and presentations of the WHSC 2009 Day 2 : Rajendra Singh emphasises the need for decentralized water management

Rajendra Singh



Rajendra Singh, Tarun Bharat Sangh, Rajasthan

Community-driven decentralized water management is a solution for equitable distribution of water

Presentation download (pdf, 1.7mb)


 Asit Nema

Asit Nema, Foundation for Greentech Environmental Systems, New Delhi

Water quality considerations in artificial ground water recharge and the option of scaled-up systems

 Presentation download (pdf, 2.05mb)






Biksham Gujja, WWF-International

Water conflicts in India: A million revolts with billions at stake

 Presentation download (pdf, 1.57mb)




Brij Gopal

Brij Gopal, Ex-Professor, JNU, Centre for Inland Waters in South Asia

Water conservation strategies must internalise ecosystem services

 Presentation download (pdf, 1.27mb)





S D Agashe, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay

A solution to the drinking water problem






Sahana Singh


Sahana Singh Editor, Asian Water

Panel Chairperson







Jyoti Sharma, President, Forum for Organised Resource Conservation and Enhancement, India

4 way partnership model - key to overcome socioeconomic impediments to urban rainwater harvesting

 Presentation download (pdf, 500 kb)






Farhad Contractor, Founder, Sambhaav Trust, Rajasthan

Transfer of power to rural communities – A Sambhaav’s journey of water body restoration

Presentation download (pdf, 2.8mb)








Durjoy Chakarborty, CGWB

Rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge to groundwater - A sustainable futuristic vision

 Presentation download (pdf, 250 kb)






P S Datta, Nuclear Research Laboratory, IARI

Isotope fingerprinting of Ganga Basin groundwater to protect it from vulnerability to depletion and pollution

 Presentation download (pdf, 2.65 mb)







Uday Chipalkatty, Professor, Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women, Pune, Maharashtra

Jaloday yojana – Rain water harvesting 

 Presentation download (pdf, 1.36 mb)





S Sen, Principal Advisor, CII

Water resource management: Social discourse, governance & technology development



Asad Umer, Programme Officer, WaterAid, Madhya Pradesh

Presentation download (pdf, 1.19mb)

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