Some strategies for managing groundwater by Aditi Mukherji, IWMI

Groundwater is essential for India's agricutural economy. However, there is a large variation in the groundwater resources of each region. Some regions are already over-exploited, while others can still tolerate more withdrawal. In her blog 'Waterscapes', Aditi Mukherji discusses the need for regional strategies to manage groundwater economy.

In her article about managing India's groundwater, Aditi recommends that over-exploited areas desist from installing new tubewells, and also modify their surface irrigation delivery systems to better respond to farmers' demands.

However, eastern India is not yet over-exploited. In this case, encouraging groundwater use will benefit the rural economy. This can only be achieved by improving rural electrification.

Watch Aditi Mukherji's presentation at the IWMI Annual Partners' Meet at Anand in December 2012.

Read Aditi Mukherji's blog 'Waterscapes'.

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