S.M.Sehgal Foundation: The best NGO for revival of rural water resources 2008-2009

Forwarded to the Portal by: Arti Manchanda

S.M. Sehgal Foundation has been awarded the 'Best Water NGO 2008-09 for Revival of Rural Water Resources by Water Digest (Global magazine for Water Solutions) in association with UNESCO at the awards ceremony held in New Delhi on December 11.

Initiated last year, Water Digest identified the need to recognize companies, people from water industry and organizations doing exceptional work in the water sector.


Mr. Rajat Jay Sehgal, Executive Director, the Sehgal Foundation and Mr. Lalit Sharma, Program Leader(Water Management), received the award from an array of eminent dignitaries including Mr. M Ramachandran- Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, Mr. A K Bajaj, Chairman, Central Water Commission, Mr. Gavin Hall, Representative FAO, Dr. Atul Mittal and Dr. B R Neupane.

S M Sehgal Foundation has been working as an implementing organization in District Mewat since 2002. Communities thrive where there is access to fresh water, thus it becomes important to nurture this precious resource make sure it is not lost over generations. Such is the essence of reviving rural water resources where the foundation is instrumental.

The Water Management program is an important component under the Integrated Sustainable Village Development (ISVD) model of the Foundation along with other programs on health, agriculture, life skills education and alternative energy. The Foundation is working on prevalence, consequences of saline ground water and is practising Innovative solutions in order to revive rural water resources in Mewat and Kurukshetra districts of Haryana.

This award recognizes the foundation's efforts in revival of rural water resources in the rain scarce area of Mewat, where the water table is depleting rapidly due to over exploitation of the limited water resources.

Besides various interventions in the area of water harvesting, the Sehgal Foundation has also done successful projects in creating the sweet water pockets in the underground saline water areas, building check dams to increase the ground water table, community education programs on water conservation, especially for farmers on best agricultural practices like chiseling, drip irrigation, raised bed farming etc., and to provide the safe drinking water through various filtration processes like bio-sand filters.

We hope that this recognition would get the word out on the judicious and effective use of water resources in urban as well as rural areas and people will certainly awake to the importance of this resource.

For further information contact:

Pooja Murada
Director, Communications

E-mail- poojamurada@smsfoundation.org




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