Small hydro power policy of Kerala- A document by power department, Government of Kerala (2012)

Kerala’s small hydro power policy document by Department of Power, Government of Kerala is directed towards a greater thrust on overall development and promotion of small hydro power projects in the state.

While the vision of this policy is to harness green and clean natural resource in the state for environmental benefits and energy security, the mission is as follows:

  1.  Enhance the contribution of environmentally benign natural resources to the socioeconomic development of the State and to supplement rural energy needs through speedy and expeditious commissioning of small hydro power projects.
  2. Create an environment conducive to public /private /community participation and investment in small hydro power projects.
  3. Enhance the contribution of Small Hydro Power Projects in the total installed capacity of the State from 145 MW to about 295 MW by 2017 through private participation.

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