Sekhar Raghavan of the Chennai Rain Center invites a discussion on groundwater in urban areas

Sekhar Raghavan of the Chennai Rain Center requests a discussion on groundwater on urban areas. Please add your comments to the questions below.=========== As we all know, groundwater is becoming an important source of fresh water in urban areas I would very much like India Water Portal to initiate a discussion on the different aspects of groundwater as relevant to urban areas. Some of the issues that can be taken up for discussion are as follows: Estimation of groundwater exploitation in various cities and towns over the years. The deterioration in its quality over the years. Impact of rainwater harvesting (as artificial recharge) on groundwater , specific examples. Success stories can be shared. Estimation of groundwater potential in cities and towns. The methodology of estimation , the crucial parameters to be monitored, frequency of monitoring etc. Other Issues. --Sekhar Raghavan, Rain Centre, Chennai
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