Sanitation workers forced to clean human excreta during the Ashadi Ekadashi in Pandharpur
28 Sep 2015
Out of prefabricated toilets, sanitation workers were forced to clean human excreta during the Ashadi Ekadashi in Pandharpur
Despite manual scavenging being declared as illegal, sanitation workers were forced to clean human excreta by hand in Pandharpur during the annual Ashadi Ekadashi festival in July this year. The reason cited for this lapse was the diversion of pre-fabricated toilets to the Nashik Kumbh Mela held somewhere else in the state around the same time.
BMC now allows Mumbai slum dwellers to build toilets in their tenements 
The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has now decided to allow residents in 740 slums across the city to construct latrines in their homes, something which was illegal till now. The decision gives teeth to the Corporation’s vow to eliminate open defecation in a city that houses around 60 lakh slumdwellers.
Kolkata ill-prepared to handle dengue: Many cases go unreported due to procedure and policy changes
Officials at the Calcutta Municipal Corporation feel that the system of ‘reconfirming’ the infection introduced by the state health department has greatly delayed the reporting of dengue cases across the city. It is felt that due to this particular drawback, Kolkata might not be as effective as Delhi or Mumbai in dealing with the disease crisis.
Official survey reveals that over 10,000 families still defecate out in the open in Indore
An official survey conducted by Indore Municipal Corporation has revealed that over 10,000 families defecate out in the open in Indore. The survey, conducted to identify locations to construct toilets across the city found that lack of sufficient water and drainage system were among the major reasons for open defecation. Indore failed to land a respectable spot in the Swachh Bharat rankings released a month back. 
Aurangabad Municipal Corporation plans to turn close to 8000 kg of floral residue from the Ganeshotsav into compost
The Aurangabad Municipal Corporation has joined hands with entrepreneurs and city-based NGOs to convert all the floral waste from the Ganeshotsav into useable vermicompost. It is estimated that the 11-day gala would generate close to 8000 kg of floral refuse.
Government to launch an intensive country-wide campaign to re-energize the Swachh Bharat Mission
A nation-wide campaign has been launched to re-energize the Swachh Bharat Mission starting September 25 till March 31 next year to take the movement to every nook and cranny in the country. The intensive campaign will focus mainly on awareness generation on cleanliness and hygiene and is expected to encourage greater citizen participation. 
A roundup of important sanitation related news between September 20 and 26, 2015

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