Sagar - A pocketbook on oceans with special reference to waters around India


The pocket book provides an overview of the oceans,their formation, characteristics, and the dynamics that determine their evolution. It also contains information on how the interested reader can pursue these topics further through books and websites.

The pocket book is divided into the following chapters:

  1. The restless ocean
  2. Oceans and climate
  3. Storms in the Bay of Bengal
  4. Wind waves
  5. Tides
  6. Tsunamis
  7. Beaches
  8. Estuaries along the coast of India
  9. Water cycle on planet Earth
  10. Where did the elements in seawater come from?
  11. Major elements in seawater
  12. Minor elements in seawater
  13. Why seawater composition does not change?
  14. Life in the oceans, especially the upper layers
  15. Life in the deep sea
  16. The coastal marine environment
  17. Biodiversity of the oceans
  18. Minerals from the sea
  19. How do we explore the oceans?

 Download the pocketbook from below: