River basins and river basin organisations in South Asia

As part of the research study, River Basins and River Basin Organisations in South Asia, done by the Society for Participatory Development Hyderabad, CapNet South Asia (Read More) and Gomukh Environmental Trust for Sustainable Development Pune (Click Here), data about individual river basins has been collected for the river basins in South Asia.
This reference document, contains data for a total of 38 river basins of South Asia - 3 in Bangladesh, 19 in India, 5 in Nepal, 6 in Pakistan and 6 in Sri Lanka, apart from separate data provided for 17 relatively large tributaries in India. The main report contains the introduction to the background of the study, its scope, methodology adopted to collect data, the policy context of the various countries as well as conclusions and policy recommendations going forward.

The main report is followed by individual river basin files, which are uploaded as separate content entries. The data collected in this include basic hydrological data, major tributaries, major water users, agriculture and cropping pattern, agro-climatic zone and soil types, total water availability, major structures / dams, details of policies and laws and enabling instruments, key issues concerning the basin as well as details and an assessment of river basin organisations working in the region.

The study has been and has been commissioned and financed by the Asian Development Bank (Click here).

Read the Main report
Read Annexure I to Main report - Details of river basin data collected
Read Annexure II to Main report - Details of river basin data not available

Read the individual river basin data files:

Bangladesh River Basin

Nepal River Basin

Pakistan River Basin

India River Basin

Sri Lanka River Basin


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