"The Ripple Effect" exhibition in Mumbai

From Kala-Raksha============ artisan.jpg art-piece-on-water.jpg Photos: An artisan, and one of the art pieces on show.
We are Kala Raksha, a grass roots social enterprise dedicated for the Preservation of Traditional Arts. we are based at Sumrasar village, 25 KM north of Bhuj, Gujarat. We are working with more than 1000 women in Kutch district, who are doing hand embroidery and patch work and making exclusive contemporary pieces with their traditional styles. Over the last few years, Kala Raksha's artists have been experimenting with a new form of expression , which crosses the boundary from craft to art. They have been using cloth much like a painter uses a canvas and using a combination of patchwork and embroidery to make beautiful one-of-a-kind tapestries. Each piece is an expression of a theme or depiction of an event. Some of these are quite figurative while others are more abstract. We make a story card with each piece which summarizes what the artist is trying to say in her own words. Each of these pieces is unique piece of art. We have organized a series of Exhibitions of this Narrative work in Mumbai as " The Katha Collection " This year for the third Exhibition in the series, the theme is Water. The Exhibition, called "The Ripple Effect" , will be held at the Artist's Centre, Mumbai from 7th to 13th April, 2008. Nilesh Priyadarshi Kala Raksha For more information, click here or contact info@kala-raksha.org
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