Reliance Industries Limited at Vadodara, Gujarat, make efforts to conserve water as a corporate initiative (2007)

This presentation provides information on the water conservation efforts made by Reliance industries Limited at water conservation. Drip irrigation through a bucket drip system to irrigate small pieces of land such as kitchen gardens or small holdings is one of the central focuses of RIL Vadodara's agricultural water conservation efforts.

Water is made available through micro tubing attached to a bucket for an optimally controlled supply for fruit and vegetable plantations. 96 such systems have been purchased by villagers so far and they are working successfully.

Besides this, the company has built check dams, provided public stand posts and water tanks, supplied free water to villages, recharged wells, conducted rainwater harvesting, distributed hygienic water pouches during floods and organized awareness drives on water conservation.

The use of excess water to recharge wells has provided relief from waterlogging during monsoons and flood periods and made water available during other seasons. Work has also been completed on the construction of a canal for flood relief in association with the Gujarat Refinery and the Gujarat Government.

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Post By: Rama Mani