Reliance Energy undertakes watershed management programmes with the community in Dahanu, Maharashtra (2007)

Dahanu Thermal Power Station (DTPS) supplies electricity to Mumbai. Dahanu is a predominantly tribal area located along the Arabian Sea coast with 185 villages and a total population of over 300,000. The area is rain fed, has lacked storage facilities and, being coastal, suffers from periodic salinity ingress problems.

With the help of the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, the local student community and Reliance employees, the company undertook several measures including the building of check dams and storages, rainwater harvesting and the installation of drinking water systems.

While building water storage check dams, the company used fly ash, an environmentally harmful by product of the thermal power generation process, as a building material for 30% of the material needs. These efforts raised the ground  water table, increased vegetation cover, made water available the year round and halted the intrusion of saline water from the sea.

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