“Reddy” remedies - A look at the Satwant Reddy Committee report on the issue of pesticide residues in packaged drinking water and packaged natural mineral water - Article from Down to Earth magazine

BIS should have a core group of scientists from various fields to keep track of recent scientific and technical developments in critical areas.

Satwant Reddy committee: Report of the committee on the pesticide residue in packaged drinking water and packaged natural mineral water.

Setting standards

For the sake of transparency, the constitution of the various committees, panels or such bodies involved in standards formulation should be on the web. It is sometimes stated that vested interests, particularly big industry, influence BIS’ activity. This criticism emanates from the fact that standard formulation is a voluntary activity and BIS does not pay anything for participation in meetings of the technical committees. At times the participation of scientific organizations and consumer organizations remains on paper, while industry participates more actively.

Implementing standards

Enforcement of BIS Act is weak. Search and seizure operations are carried out on the basis of specific complaints. Prosecution does not reach its logical conclusion for several years.

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