Recommendations of Working Group on technology issues

The Working Group on Technological Issues drew up its list of issues as: 

  1. Rainwater harvesting techniques for different geo-hydro thermo regions
  2. Risk management in rainwater harvesting
  3. Capacity assessment for rainwater harvesting
  4. Innovative water storage techniques
  5. Groundwater recharge
  6. Conventional water-borne sanitation system
  7. Water Storages and Wetlands



  1. Basin/sub basin should be treated as unit of water resources planning.
  2. Critical irrigation to crop during production (is essential) can be provided through rain water harvesting.
  3. Small scale decentralized water harvesting should be important part of water policy and planning
  4. It should not be random but based on scientific inputs. Unsuitable/marginal areas should be avoided
  5. Downstream effects should be accounted for
  6. Institutional arrangements at the basin level are necessary to avoid conflicts, but centralization must be avoided
  7. The harvested water should be primarily used to recharge aquifers
  8. Social or other sanctions are necessary to ensure the economical and equitable use of the harvested water.
  9. Location of effective recharge structures to be identified with GIS, geophysical, resistivity survey.