Rainwater harvesting in Bangalore - Article from Countercurrents
It's not yet full blown summer and Bangalore and India is already reeling from lack of fresh water.
28 Mar 2011

Anchor in one of the local papers said, residents of a locality in Bangalore are buying bottles of mineral water to bathe in! There is also a tanker mafia in the city that charges anywhere upwards of 500 rupees for a tanker of water. Most buildings need at least two tankers of water to manage in a day. That is how tough this summer is going to be. Then why? Why is it so difficult for us to understand the efficacy of Rain Water Harvesting and how it will help ease water shortage in the coming months?

In Karnataka, India, the government has made RWH mandatory across the state for new buildings. Any new building has to fit RWH on its roof and solar panels for water heating. It is these enlightened policies which will help make us more interactive instead of waiting for the government to supply us water for our needs which are becoming scarce and rare with populations galloping forward especially in Asia.

Vessela Monta the Executive Director of the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance IRHA, based in Geneva says, "The UN Human Rights Council affirms the human right to safe drinking water. Now is the time for the world's governments to contribute to the provision of a regular supply of safe, accessible and affordable drinking water in sufficient quantity for 884 million more people."

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