Radio programs on rainwater harvesting

India Water Portal has partnered with VOICES and BIRD-K to produce and broadcast a set of radio programs on rainwater harvesting.The programs are in Kannada and target audience is people of Tumkur district, though the programs can be heard over a much wider reach including Bangalore.

Listen to our first broadcast - 8-July-2007
(Streamed MP3 Audio, 25min 09 sec, 24kbps, Mono, 4.31MB):

The series has 10 episodes. The first episode was broadcasted on 8th of July at 8:00PM. The rebroadcast of the same episode would happen on 15th of July at the same timing (8:00PM).

There would be a gap of 2 weeks between two episodes. During this gap, BIRD-K would narrowcast the same episode in about 20 villages. The feedback received from the people would be fed into the production of the new episode. In this way the programmes are tied very closely with the target audience in the spirit of community radio.

The first two episodes (1-2) would introduce the listener to the need and importance of rain water harvesting. The next four episodes (3-6) would cover the details of one of the programs of Karnataka government - Suvarnajala. The episodes would also focus on villagers' role in making the program more effective. The last four episodes (7-10) would illustrate how state government's intervention in few districts of Karnataka has been helping people affected with Fluorosis.

Broadcast frequency - 612kHz (Bangalore AIR)

Band - MW (Medium Wave) or AM (Amplitude Modulation)

Time - Every Sunday - 8:00PM to 8:30PM from July 8th 2007 till
November 18th 2007

Here is the complete program Schedule

8-July-2007 - Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting-I (Download the program (MP3, 25min 09 sec, 32kbps Mono, 5.75 Mb))

15-July-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting-I

22-July-2007 - Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting-II

29-July-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting-II

5-Aug-2007 - Suvarnajala-I

12-Aug-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Suvarnajala -I

19-Aug-2007 - Suvarnajala-II

26-Aug-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Suvarnajala-II

2-Sep-2007 - Suvarnajala-III

9-Sep-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Suvarnajala-III

16-Sep-2007 - Suvarnajala-IV

23-Sep-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Suvarnajala-IV

30-Sep-2007 - Sachetana-I

7-Oct-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Sachetana-I

14-Oct-2007 - Sachetana-II

21-Oct-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Sachetana-II

28-Oct-2007 - Sachetana-III

4-Nov-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Sachetana-III

11-Nov-2007 - Sachetana-IV

18-Nov-2007 - Repeat broadcast of Sachetana-Iv

Broadcast would follow with a narrowcast at selective villages from the following taluks in Tumkur District. People interested in attending narrowcast sessions can contact the respective cluster coordinators from BIRD-K

Pavagada - Mr.Ramakrishna - +91 98806 98049

Sira - Mr. MD Halli - +91 99454 26205

Kabbigere - Ms.Anuradha - +91 93417 63709

Dodderi - Mr. Venkatesh Patil - +91 99642 74035

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