Quick and easy: SODIS and Nimbu Pani for potable water

Here is a slightly long and complex paper but the sum and substance of it seems to be that Solar Disinfection (SODIS) combined with Nimbu pani is excellent to reduce e-coli count and inactivate it substantially. Nimbu paani also serves as an indicator that the water has been SODISED.

Eklavya was wondering how to manage clean drinking water post Bihar floods. SODIS , SODIS+NIMBU PANI and just using a solar water heater to sterilize water seems to be options. Implementing the same will need us to primarily perform some quick & down to the detail research on its suitability.

Ideas regarding carrying out the background research needed, also providing this information to the needy population in Orissa & Bihar are invited. Kindly leave a reply in the comments section.

Paper (PDF, 439 kb): Sodis - Nimbu

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