Quantitative data on water quality: A compilation of papers that present physico-chemical analyses of various water sources in India
This post presents five papers that were recently published on the physico-chemical properties of water. These papers present the water quality data and analyse these figures. Locations in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Assam and Gujarat are studied. Download the papers by clicking on the titles.

Assessment of physico-chemical quality of groundwater in rural area nearby Sagar city, Madhya Pradesh

This paper presents the results of forty groundwater samples collected from June 2007 to July 2010 in Gambhira and Baheria villages in Madhya Pradesh. The authors conclude that the ground water quality is degraded due to anthropogenic causes.

Download this paper here

Evaluation of groundwater quality and its suitability for drinking and agriculture use in parts of Vaijapur, Aurangabad district, Maharashtra

15 groundwater samples were collected from Vaijapur taluka and analysed. The results show high concentration of TDS and total hardness. 40% of the groundwater samples were found to be unsuitable for irrigation. Anthropogenic causes, namely fertilizer application, contribute to this contamination.

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Groundwater arsenic contamination status in Dhakuakhana sub-division of Lahkimpur district, Assam

Thirty groundwater samples were collected from tube-wells and ring-wells at different sites in six gaon panchayats from Dhakuakhana sub-division and analysed for arsenic and iron. Over 30% of the samples had arsenic over permissible levels.

Download this paper here

Evaluation of drinking water quality in Navsari district, Gujarat

Six surface water samples from Navsari district in Gujarat were tested for potability. The results of these tests are presented in this paper. While hardness and TDS levels were high in some samples, all samples were found suitable for drinking.

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Evaluation of various activities affecting to the physico-chemical behavior of Machna river, Betul, Madhya Pradesh

Water from seven sampling stations on the Machna river were analysed to determine the extent of pollution due to human activities. Untreated sewage, industrial waste, hospital waste, domestic waste and some other activities like washing, bathing were determined to be the main causes of pollution in the river.

Download this paper here

Physico-chemical analysis of Triveni lake water of Amravati district, Maharashtra

Surface water samples from Triveni lake were collected from two sampling stations at monthly intervals from December 2010 to November 2011 and analysed for drinking water suitability. Despite significant seasonal variation, the water is acceptable for drinking. 

Download this paper here

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