Privatised industrial water supply in Dewas: A case study of impacts and conflicts- A paper by Manthan Adhyayan Kendra
This study makes an effort to understand the efficacy of public private partnership in the industrial water supply in the town of Dewas in Madhya Pradesh
11 Oct 2012
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This paper by Manthan Adhyayan Kendra is a case study on the role of public private partnership in industrial water supply in a industrial town of Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (MPSIDC) with the support of Dewas Industrial Association had come up with this project to solve the water scarcity problem faced by the industries located in the region.

However after the implementation of the project some of the major objectives were not met including the delivery of quality water services to the industries in Dewas. This paper makes an effort to understand the following:

  • The efficacy of this PPP project in industrial water supply and also what went wrong with DIWSP?
  • What have been the impacts of the project and the conflicts that have been appearing in the wake of it?

Some of the important aspects covered in the study are as follows:

  1.  It analyses the present situation in terms of service delivery by the private concessionaire to the industries, the earlier claims for promoting the project, problems faced by industries and the rural population in enroute villages after the implementation, the status of water resources in the area, and the emerging conflicts around water in the region.
  2. The important contractual clauses of the contractual agreement that has not been fulfilled.
  3.  The water conflicts that have been developing in the region due to the primacy given to industrial supply of water over domestic supply.

The sections covered in the paper are:

  • Background of Dewas Industrial Water Supply Project (DIWSP)
  • Status and impacts of the project
  • Problems faced by industries after the project
  • Contractual obligations under the project
  • Post contractual changes
  • Conflicts around water- between industrial and urban water supply and rural supply
  • Conclusion

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