A presentation on operation and maintenance of water supply systems

The presentation by M N Thippeswamy (Retd. Chief Engineer of BWSSB) deals with the operation and maintanance of water supply systems. The structure of the presentation is as follows -

  • Key issues regarding water supply scenario around the World
  • Definition of Operation and Maintenance
  • Key issues before the water authorities for water supply O & M
  • Objectives of Operational System and Management
  • O & M of Water Resources for quality and quantity
  • O & M of Conveyance system of water resources
  • O & M of Water Treatment Plant
  • O & M of service reservoirs and distribution pipeline
  • O & M of drinking water quality maintaining and surveillance
  • O  & M of billing and collection
  • O  & M of Energy Audit
  • Water Audit and Leakage Control
  • System Management
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP / PSP)

The presentation examines various PSP/ PPP options in hierarchy such as – (a) Service Contract (b) Management Contract (c) Lease (affermage) (d) Concession Contract (e) BOOT / BOT / ROT and (f) Divestiture. The advantages and disadvantages in each case are presented along with few examples in each case. 

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