Precious Kaveri water down the drain; wasted to wash vehicles: Letter to the Chairman, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board

Dear Chairman BWSSB,

This summer is very hot in Bangalore and there is drought in North Karnataka. People should be conscious of using water, and unfortunately many citizens misuse the Kaveri water being supplied to them to wash cars, bikes and the entrances of their houses. Hence there is a serious need to have a drive for people to be made aware of saving water by not misusing it.

Lakhs of litres of water is used everyday morning to wash the entrance, roads outside every house, shops and to wash vehicles. Can BWSSB ban use of Kaveri water that is supplied to wash the front spaces of houses and shops, wash vehicles from a period say February to June?

Can you initiate a drive to implement rain water harvesting all over Bangalore in next 3 months when rainy season will start? Right now it is only in paper and people are not implementing or using them. People should be made to use the harvested water to wash vehicles, other spaces etc.

Please treat this with urgent priority. The day when none of us will have even drinking water is near if we misuse natural resources. This should be a WAKE UP CALL to all Citizens to be more sensible in using the resources they are fortunately getting. My humble request to take action.

Thanks and regards,
Manjunath M P

Post By: Seetha