Paani aur Hum: Urdu translation of Anupam Mishra's works

An Urdu translation of Anupam Mishra's books 'Aaj bhi Khare Hain Talab' and 'Gochar ka prasad bata ta Lapodia'.
29 Aug 2014
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Paani aur hum: An Urdu translation
Paani aur hum: An Urdu translation

Water scarcity is being felt all across the world today. A major contributor to this loss is the excessive mining of groundwater and the lack of understanding of how traditional water sources in the villages, ponds and wells, contribute in keeping villages self sufficient .

In 'Aaj Bhi Khare Hain Talaab', Anupam Mishra documents the life and work of several individuals and communities, across the country, in setting up water harvesting and management systems through talaabs (lakes / tanks).

'Gochar Ka Prasad Batata Lapodiya' documents the journey of the village Lapodiya, which continued to manage the village resources, invested in pastures & reared its livestock, and became both prosperous and drought resistant.

'Pani Aur Hum' is the Urdu translation of 'Aaj Bhi Khare Hain Talaab'  & 'Gochar Ka Prasad Batata Lapodiya', books by noted environmentalist Anupam Mishra, by Shabbir Qadri.

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