Coca Cola scraps plan to expand bottling plant at Varanasi

Coca Cola bottling plant (Source: S. Subramanium)
Coca Cola bottling plant (Source: S. Subramanium)

Coca Cola to look for other options within state for plant

Coca Cola has decided not to expand its bottling plant in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, due to inordinate delay in obtaining clearance from the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). The company had received conditional consent from the State Pollution Control Board. However, it needed a no objection certificate from CGWA to extract more groundwater. For now, the beverage giant has decided to look for other options within the state to relocate the new line.

Scanty monsoon lowers water level in storage dams across the nation: CEA

According to the Central Electricity Authority, 29 of of the 31 hydro reservoirs across the nation are experiencing water scarcity owing to scanty monsoon. The situation is further impacting irrigation and hydropower generation. Though the average rainfall deficit has lowered, a few regions in the country such as north western India, Telangana, Rayalaseema and parts of Maharashtra are observing severe shortage in rainfall.

'Human exceeds nature's supplies for the year'

As per the Global Footprint Network, August 19, 2012, has been designated as Earth Overshoot Day. This is because humans have already used their entire quota of natural resources for this year, and will overshoot it in the next four months. The report further mentioned that 86% of the world's population lives in countries where the extraction of natural resources is more than what nature can supply. It has also warned nations that do not consider resource limits while making decisions, which results in pressure on their economic security.

No end to farmers' wait for Tungabhadra water

The farmers at the tail-end of the Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal in Raichur district, Karnataka, continue to wait for water to irrigate their 3.5 lakhs acres of land, despite the Tungabhadra Reservoir being at full capacity. The Tungabhadra Irrigation Consultative Committee claims that sufficient water has been released to the canal. The farmer at the tail-end alleges that nearly 1.5 lakh acres of land in the upper reaches have been illegaly irrigated by the canal water owing to the association between powerful landlords with politicians and irrigation officials.

100 sewerage workers die every year inside manholes and drains in Delhi: Report

According to the report named 'Down to Drain', Delhi experiences death of 100 sewerge workers per year after they enter into drains and manholes which have high temprature, slippery walls and floors and toxic gases. There are nearly 5000 workers in the capital who clean and maintain the sewerage system but no medical and safety facilities are provided to them. Besides this, they also face the problems of low-pay, caste-based discrimination, prejudice, lack of occupational safety and apathy of government agencies.

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Lead Image Source: S. Subramanium in The Hindu