No mention of water issues in the high-level discussions in Copenhagen

Ever since the tide of COP 15 related news swelled across the media and press releases in various parts of the world, I have been wondering if climate  issues are different from that of water. Perhaps water doesn't count as a valid climatic element or may be it doesn't make the argument any stronger than what carbon emissions and global warming can do!

If climate change negotiations remain oblivious of water issues, then I wonder what good can come out of this grand jamboree  at Copenhagen. The world knows the isn't hidden. The better part of humanity is in the continents of Africa and Asia. The nations here, grapple with food and water security issues more than anything else. For them water availability on their farms and in their glasses, is the actual issue. If pursued, one could surely arrive at the argument that, water too is about climate change. But ... the question is , wouldn't it warrant an explicit and a higher priority discussion?

The Non-Paper 31, that will form the backbone of high-level discussions in Copenhagen doesn't have any mention of water issues!

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