The Nirmal Bharat Yatra - The week that was - Part II

October 3 – Making our way into the ground, we saw an all-night effort of the workers on site. The venue was prepped-up, workers were busy putting finishing touches – wiping the chairs of excess water, laying carpets on the ground, hanging fluorescent balloons in bunches on poles, near stalls and game pens.

Clouds & carnival in Sewagram

An overcast sky in Wardha

In Sewagram, Wardha
But, rain had managed to play spoil sport.The carnival was ready to kick start, just not officially.

Rained out in Sewagram, Wardha

Rained out in Sewagram, Wardha

The colourful tents in a simple setting were too much to resist and crowds poured in. Everyone was welcome – curious children, men, women, students from near-by colleges and schools, and those who were sharing the commotion with us – the neighbourhood.

Children in Sewagram, Wardha


Children in Sewagram, Wardha

The sanitation and hygiene mela had sprung to life. Its most awaited guest – children, women and men - had trickled in without a fuss.

By Vaishalli Chandra, India Water Portal Fellow, Arghyam

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