New book on "Role of civil society in water governance in South Asia" by SaciWATERs released

The Crossing Boundaries Project of the South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies (SaciWATERs) is currently in the process of preparing a Reader on "Role of Civil Society in Water Governance in South Asia"to be published by Sage India, New Delhi. The note contains a preliminary list of topics and possible authors. The topics have to be reviewed with a broader search and authors' list could also be altered accordingly.

The proposed reader will bring together researchers and practitioners in the water sector to examine the strategic role of civil society organizations (varying from NGOs/voluntary organisations and social movements) outside the spheres of State and business. This is important since most often water governance debates centre on either institutional reforms within the State or the scope and constraints of implementing market solutions. The authors will be a mix of academic writers and practitioners to bring a balanced perspective of the achievements and constraints of the work of certain organizations working within sub sectors in South Asia. 

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