National Water Mission - National Action Plan on Climate Change - Volume I and II - Ministry of Water Resources (2009,2008)

This comprehensive mission document by the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) highlights the objective of the National Water Mission, which is to conserve water through minimising wastage and ensuring equitable distribution of water across and within states through integrated water resources development and management. The document is presented in two volumes.

Volume I is divided into six chapters and includes:

Chapter 1: Provides a brief introduction on the background of the National Water Mission in the context of the threat of climatic change and its impact on reduction in the water resources in the country.

Chapter 2: Describes the objectives or features of the National Water Mission

Chapter 3: Describes the Goals/Strategies of the National Water Mission

Chapter 4: Describes the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms needed, the institutional setup and plan of action needed

Chapter 5: Describes the need and mechanisms for research & development, training and capacity building

Chapter 6: Highlights the additional fund requirements

Volume II is divided into six chapters and includes:

Chapter 1: Provides background information on the type of water resources available in the country and the impact of climate change on the resources

Chapter 2: Provides information on the preliminary action that can be taken and the costs

Chapter 3: Highlights the suggested policy modifications in view of the climate change concerns

Chapter 4: Highlights the legal framework for coping with climate change

Chapter 5: Highlights the need for adapting institutional structures to the current situation to create enabling environments to address climate change strategies

Chapter 6: Discusses the need for modifications in financial policies in the form of incentives, grants, concessions, subsidies which appear necessary for a quick reform of the water sector in India to enable it to adjust to climate change.

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