National register of large dams- A compilation of state-wise large dams in India by Central Water Commission

This document by Central Water Commission is a compilation of large dams in India. It provides basic information about a dam. The document first spells out the meaning of a large dam, which is based on the height of a dam and also complies with any one of the following conditions:

  •  Length of crest of the dam is not less than 500 metres or
  • Capacity of the reservoir formed by the dam is not less than one million cubic metres or
  • The maximum flood discharge dealt with by the dam is not less than 2000 cubic metres per second or
  •  The dam has specially difficult foundation problems, or
  •  The dam is of unusual design

The document then lists out dams in different state that are of national importance. It spells out the details of the dams, which include- year of completion, river on which it is constructed, the nearest city to dam, the type of dam, height above lowest foundation, length of dam. Volume content of dam, gross storage capacity, reservoir area, effective storage capacity, purpose and designed spillway capacity.

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