Narmada: Sounds of silence along its banks

River Narmada (Source: Wikipedia)
River Narmada (Source: Wikipedia)

Narmada, a name that translates into ‘One that bestows happiness’ will, in the next 20 years, pass through turbulent times. The question is not of the distance or the journey that this river covers, but the various points at which this ancient river is intercepted by new, modern dams.

10 large dams are to be made on the main stream, out of which Sardar Sarovar, Indira Sarovar & Onkareshwar, are already in the limelight for the wrong reasons. 20 large dams are expected to come up on its tributaries, out of which the 2 that are already commissioned- Barna and Tawa - are facing flak. Besides these, there are 135 medium sized dams and another 3000 small dams. The 1312 km stretch of the river is being dammed at every step displacing people, fields, villages and towns.

Why is there silence along the banks of Narmada? Is anyone making an effort to understand this silence?