Studies by the Central Ground Water Board in November 1999 confirmed the presence of fluoride in Assam which paved the way for the UNICEF and the government to collaborate on fluoride mitigation. (Image: India Water Portal)
The role of aerosols in triggering droughts (Image Source: IWP flickr photos)
The study by CSE underlines the need to regulate bad food (Image: Ankur Gulati, Flickr Commons)
Watershed management in India (Image Source: India Water Portal)
Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants without soil. Image source: India Science Wire
Micro-irrigation and its impact on groundwater (Image Source: India Water Portal)
A farmer uses a hosepipe to irrigate crops at her farm in Nilgiris mountains, Tamil Nadu (Image: Hamish John Appleby for IWMI, Flickr Commons, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Rice field in Karnataka (Image: Guldem Ustun, Flickr Commons, CC BY 2.0)
A traditional dry toilet. Image: India Science Wire
Flooding in Mumbai during the monsoons (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Distant snow clad mountains, the smaller hills and the Ganga river (Image: Srimoyee Banerjee, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0)
Image credit: WaterAid/Prashanth Vishwanathan
India will see more droughts in the future. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Picture credit: Romit Sen


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