Life submerged within the embankment area (Source: India Water Portal Hindi)
Village under threat from erosion in Kishanganj (Source: India Water Portal Hindi)
Migrant women workers continue to suffer unemployment and underemployment (Image: Pixabay)
Brick kiln workers (Image: ILO Asia-Pacific)
Mosquitoes, deadly killers in disguise! (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Locals provide aid to people hit by floods in Bihar
Children drinking milk at a flood relief centre in Bihar (Source: Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad)
Owning, operating, and managing safe water supply through small water enterprises is a tangible way for women to transform their lives. (Image: Safe Water Network)
Children wash hands at a stand post installed in a Primary school at Kapoti Village in Karanjiya, Dhindori, Madhya Pradesh, India (Source: WaterAid India)
Completed flood protection in Naruar, Bihar (Image Source: Water Resources Department, Government of Bihar, Twitter handle)
A lab technician discarding disposable gloves (Image: CDC/Kimberly Smith, Christine Ford acquired from Public Health Image Library)
Desiltation activities undertaken under the GDGS in Maharahstra (Image Source: NASHIKONWEB.COM)
Image: Homes in the City
Ways in which the government can be informed about the embankment breach in your area (Image source: Water Resources Department, Government of Bihar, Twitter handle)
Image: Ajaya Behera
Water fleas can warn of water pollution (Image Source: Sameer Padhye)


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