More on Discovery Channel's "Ganges" series

Madhu Ramaswamy follows up after several people expressed their appreciation of this series on the blog Our posting about Discovery Channel's television series 'Ganges' has attracted several responses from readers, some of whom are under the mistaken impression that we are associated with the series. We would like to clarify that India Water Portal was merely drawing viewers' attention to this highly interesting series. We are not (alas!) involved in its production. We'd like to hear from blog readers their thoughts about the series. We're also trying to contact Discovery ourselves. Viewers who wish to send in their comments on the series could also get in touch with Discovery Channel directly at this link: ( For an understanding of our role and activities in the water sector, please see our weblink: According to the Discovery Channel website, the series will continue to air on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday next week. For more reviews of the Discovery Channel programme on the Ganges, please see: And for those of you who would like to know more about the Ganges/Ganga (the river, that is, not the TV serial), here are some interesting links below: (If you know of other useful related links, please let us know) Editors Pick: - Link to several short YouTube video clips on the Ganga 1. - Wiki entry on the Ganges 2. - Wiki entry on the Ganges Delta 3. - Wiki entry on the Ganges Basin 4. - website of 'Friends of the Ganges' . The Swatcha Ganga (Clean Ganges) Campaign is a project of the Sankat Mochan Foundation supported by Friends of the Ganges US and Oz GREEN 5. - A Sacred River Endangered by Global Warming , Washington Post article 17/6/07 6. - Article on the Ganga Action Plan by 'Eco friends', a Kanpur based non-governmental organization 7. - General information on the Ganga from IndiaNetZone ('Web Portal on India's Culture and Lifestyle') , site also contains other information on India's rivers, lakes etc.