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Issue of the monthly magazine from South Asia Network on Dams Rivers and People (SANDRP) - Dams, Rivers & People

Dams,Rivers & People

Some of the Important stories in this issue include:

India’s stand at Copenhagen: Pillars built on Sand? 1
NHPC’s questionable Awards: S Bhattacharya and H Thakkar 3
One of the architects of the Adivasis’ misery: Gladson Dungdung 4
Sikkim Glaciers are melting 6
Climate Change threatens Apple crop in Himachal: ICAR  7
Copenhagen cop out: Praful Bidwai 8
Water bodies more vital than housing: Madras High Court 9
Keoladeo National Park: crucial water supply work yet to start 10
The many U-turns of the Sardar Sarovar Project     12
Jairam seeks review of Ken Betwa Link     13
Ukai dam has water for sugarcane, none for paddy!  14
Protest against Tidong HEP in Himachal               15
‘Hydro’ state Himachal has high tariffs, import bill!    16
Payment for eco services to be part of CAT plan      17
The Subansiri gold rush  18
Downstream impacts of Arunachal HEPs  19
National bio-policy: A wasted effort 20
Maharashtra tells power companies to use recycled drain water 21
‘Back to Nature’ cuts flood risks: US study      22
Damanganga River destroyed by Vapi industries    23
Cities destroying rivers     24
No evidence of diversion of Bramhaputra water, says govt  25
What is the value of Prime Minister’s promise on Yamuna?      26
Punjab Plans to clean Sutlej, Beas   27
Success of farming without chemicals in Andhra Pradesh 28
Indian Express twists facts again: Pushes Bt Cotton without basis  29
Six public hearings simultaneously: High Court cancels clearances   30
Eyewitness account: China’s dam builders go global      31
Prayas Hindi booklet on electricity reforms 32

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Dams, Rivers & People

The Dams, Rivers and People issue for Oct-Nov 2009 is out. The lead story takes a critical look at this year's estimate for agricultural output growth of -2% and suggests that it could be significantly lower than that.

Other stories include:

  • Injustice to dam-displaced adivasis of the Malay Dam in Palamu of Jharkhand
  • The decision to evict people living on the Dal Lake in Srinagar from their homes and livelihoods on the lake, in order to clean up the lake
  • Sarandha reviews the book  "Water and the Laws in India", edited by Ramaswamy R. Iyer
  • Parineeta Dandekar reviews the book "Water, Ecosystems and Society" by Jayanta Bandhopadhyay
  • Rahul Banerjee looks at the Man river basin and Man Dam in MP and finds that there is neither water nor governance.
  • SANDRP critiques the recent paper released by Jairam Ramesh which disputes conventional thinking about retreating Himalayan glaciers.

The newsletter news roundup of happenings in the river and dams arena includes Updates on the Devsari Hydro project, Reoli Dugli project, and projects in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

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SANDRP newsletter

The SANDRP newsletter for September 2009 continues its critical analysis of dams, irrigation and related issues:

  • A revisit of the issue of lack of growth in canal - irrigated area despite tremendous investment in new irrigation projects. The story brings to focus the shift in irrigation on the ground from canal to groundwater while the government continues to invest ineffectively in canal irrigation projects.
  • The Saryu canal irrigation project in UP where after 2522 crores of rupees and aquisition of 21000 ha of land, 5% of the irrigation target has been achieved.
  • Ill-timed release of waters from the Damodar that caused flooding in West Bengal
  • The World Bank's continued funding of large hydropower projects and a lot more. 


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