Model bill to regulate and control the development of groundwater - Ministry of Water Resources (1996)

A model bill that details the definitions & the process of implementation for the regulation & control of groundwater
12 Oct 2010
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This document is a model bill for the regulation and control of the groundwater. It provides the details of the definitions and the process of implementation of the bill and includes:

  • The title, extent and commencement of the Act
  • Definitions of terms included in the Act
  • Mode of establishment of a groundwater authority
  • Details on powers to notify areas for control and regulation of groundwater and on the use of groundwater in  notified areas
  • Details of the grant of permit required to extract and use groundwater in the notified area
  • Registration of existing users in the notification areas
  • Mechanism of registration of new wells in the non notified areas
  • Power resting with the authority to alter, amend or vary the terms of the permit
  • Cancellation of permit or certificate of registration or license
  • Powers of the groundwater authority
  • Service of orders
  • Delegation of powers and duties
  • Details of mechanisms for dealing with offences
  • The powers resting with the state government to make rules for the implementation of the Act.

The original document can be viewed here on the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), Government of India website

Download the document:


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