Ministry of agriculture announces national agricultural policy (2000)

The policy seeks to promote technically sound, economically viable, environmentally non-degrading, and socially acceptable use of country’s natural resources for sustainable development of agriculture

This is the first ever national agriculture policy (2000) of India and seeks to actualise the vast untapped growth potential of Indian agriculture, strengthen rural infrastructure to support faster agricultural development, promote value addition, accelerate the growth of agro business, create employment in rural areas, secure a fair standard of living for the farmers and agricultural workers and their families, discourage migration to urban areas and face the challenges arising out of economic liberalization and globalisation.

Over the next two decades, it aims to attain:

  • A growth rate in excess of 4 per cent per annum in the agriculture sector;
  • Growth that is based on efficient use of resources and conserves our soil, water and bio-diversity;
  • Growth with equity, i.e., growth which is widespread across regions and farmers;
  • Growth that is demand driven and caters to domestic markets and maximises benefits from exports of agricultural products in the face of the challenges arising from economic liberalization and globalisation;
  • Growth that is sustainable technologically, environmentally and economically.

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