Millions of people worldwide are opposed to plastic bottled water - An alternative solution is here

The articles focusses on the reasons for the opposition to plastic bottled water and the alternative for the same.

The momentum for a better Global drinking Water Environment is increasing.

One way to achieve this Mission is to reduce the global High energy wasteful costs in producing Plastic Bottles, then transporting these products (so-called mineral,spring, volcanic Water) daily to Supermarkets, Newsagents & Corner stores.

The facts:-

  • 17 million barrels of oil used each year to produced plastic bottles.
  • 1000 plastics bottles purchased every second in the USA, every day, every month, every year.
  • 90% of empty plastic bottle is eventually sent to landfills; polluting groundwater for thousands of years.
  • It took 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water therefore for tourist travelling worldwide uses more of
  • the local supply to have their plastic bottled water.
  • Energy Wasting to fill Oil manufactured plastic bottles with water at the factory, move it by trucks, trains, ships
  • and air freight to the user; then keep cool in the supermarket or home refrigerators.
  • To then recover, recycle, or throw away the empty plastic bottles; wastes more energy & man-power.
  • Waste Water.... clean-up costs
  • Toxins leaching from these Plastic bottles can cause cancer such as: Bisphenol & others.

A number of towns have already banned plastic bottles from being sold. opposition is voiced by numerous  environmental groups and organic health retailers have banned plastic bottles from their stockrooms.

Leading Water Professor Peter Gleick has a new book, called; 'Bottled and Sold' The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water can be purchased here:

The recommendations by Peter Gleick to reduce bottled water use; are lacking in vision; definitely not his fault as he has gathered historic and current facts about drinking water & the beverage companies Plastic bottlesdamaging effects upon our environment.

FIVE Reasons Not to Drink bottled Water

It's expensive, wasteful and -- contrary to popular belief -- not any healthier for you than tap.

Current Alternatives: What can you do?

  • Buy a stainless steel thermos. However there are NOT adequate refilling points locally or globally. A Manchester UK NGO is currently finding local restaurants prepared to permit the informed public to refill their flasks from their premises. However this approach is not sufficient globally, in my opinion.
  • Buy an inexpensive carbon filters which turns tap water into sparkling fresh drinking water at a fraction of the cost
    of Plastic bottled water.
  • Campaign for change as here & worldwide

Future Solutions: by Dave Ashman @ H2OTrust Twitter, LinkedIn & Ecademy

We have had a vision since 1989 to provide globally on all Streets a new Vending machine dispensing Clean chilled Drinking Water.
Each SVD will enable all people desiring a drink of water @ a minimal charge; with our pre-issued stainless steel  bar-coded Flask, the ability to refill their flask 24/7 with the highest monitored drinking water.

A prototype is still requiring PRODUCTION however with your open-minds or focused minds upon a solution; the perfect investor, partner or company will be found shortly.
Namely addressing our unsustainable wasted energy required in providing plastic bottles, landfills, transportation costs.
The 3 liters of water required to produce one litre of plastic bottled water especially in Arid regions of the world for the Tourist trade; leaving the locals in drought conditions.

Your opinions and solutions are welcomed.

Thank You
Dave Ashman
Skype: d-programma



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