Microcredit for sanitation: A quiet revolution

A unique microcredit project funded by UNICEF in Erode, Tamil Nadu in which members of self-help groups borrow money from their federation to build toilets in their homes.
31 Jul 2014
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Micro credit for sanitation
Micro credit for sanitation

This paper documents one of the unique microcredit projects of UNICEF in three blocks of Erode district in Tamil Nadu. MYRADA, an NGO, has supported the formation of federations that use the fund from UNICEF not as a grant but as a revolving fund for constructing toilets in the houses of the federation members. 

This is a unique model because, the revolving fund is neither managed by UNICEF nor the NGO. The document shows clearly that change in sanitation behaviour does not take place on the basis of a single project. The revolving fund concept when continued either by pooling in subsidies or grants provided by the government, can lead to a long-term change. 


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