Manual on sewage and sewerage treatment - CPHEEO (MoUD)

Dealing with the sanitation of the country with the increasing urbanisation and population.

This manual has been prepared by the Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO), a department under the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and aims at meeting the professional needs of practising engineers dealing with the sanitation sector in the country, that focuses on achieving the goal of 'sanitation for all' within a reasonable timeframe.

The manual  is a revised version of the earlier one, which was developed in 1977 and was widely used by field engineers engaged in sewerage and sewage treatment. However, a need was felt to revise and update the earlier manual taking into consideration the advancement in technology.

Evidence indicates that only about 45% of the urban population in India has access to sanitation facilities and there is much to accomplish to reach the goal of 100% sanitation coverage for all. It has also been realised that there is a need to look beyond coverage, to the quality of services in terms of making use of new advances in technology, use of low cost technology, use of recycled and more economical forms of user friendly technologies that can be expanded beyond cities to reach small and medium towns in the country.

The manual provides detailed guidelines for practising engineers and includes the following chapters:

  1. Planning
  2. Management, administration, legal and financial aspects
  3. Design of sewers
  4. Sewer appurtenances
  5. Materials for sewer construction
  6. Structural design of buried sewers
  7. Construction of sewers
  8. Maintenance of sewerage systems
  9. Sewage and storm water pumping stations
  10. Basic design considerations
  11. Pretreatment screening and grit removal
  12. Sedimentation
  13. Aerobic suspended growth systems
  14. Aerobic attached growth systems
  15. Stabilisation ponds
  16. Anaerobic treatment of wastewater
  17. Sludge thickening, dewatering, digestion and disposal
  18. Sludge pumping
  19. Tertiary treatment of sewage for reuse
  20. Effluent disposal and utilisation
  21. Onsite sanitation
  22. Corrosion prevention and control
  23. Treatment plant operation and maintenance
  24. Plant control laboratory
  25. Flow measurement
  26. Emerging technologies for sewage treatment

Download the manual:


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