Managing historic flood in the Krishna river basin: An experience of averting catastrophe - APWRDC presentation

KrishnaThis document by the Andhra Pradesh Water Resources Development Corporation (APWRDC) describes the efforts made by engineers and the decisionmakers at managing the historic flood in the Krishna river basin in Andhra Pradesh, India. Experts from various engineering fields, administrators, weather forecast experts, were present to given their valuable inputs for decision making at the flood control centre. 

The document is divided into the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction: floods in Andhra Pradesh

Chapter 2: Krishna river basin

Chapter 3: Historic flood in Krishna basin

Chapter 4: Limitations for flood discharge

  • Dam specific constraints
    • Srisailam
    • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
    • Prakasam Barrage
  • Unprecedented heavy rainfall
  • Short Lead Time

Chapter 5: Krishna Basin Flood Management

  • State Flood Control Centre Flood Management Strategy
  • Decision Support System
    • APSRAC
    • IMD Rainfall Forecast
    •  CWC Forecast 
    • Experts Advise 
    • CIOKRIP Meetings
  • Communication Systems
    • SMS Based Information System
    • Role of Press and Electronic Media
    • Internet Service Real Time Monitoring & Modelling
  • Real time Monitoring and Modelling

Chapter 6: Participation of Farmers Organisations

Chapter 7: Post Flood Management Restoration of Irrigation Systems

Chapter 8: Impact of Flood : Relief & Rehabilitation