Locations of relief camps in flood affected areas of Bihar: Guidelines and contact details

Details of mega camps and other relief camps that are being run by the Government at the wake of the Bihar floods

Two documents giving the details of the mega camps and other relief camps that are being run by the Government. Thanks to Eklavya Prasad of Megh Pyne Abhiyan for forwarding these documents.

Distric Specific Mega camps 

Relief centres in flood affected areas-2

Thanks to Mr. Arumugam Kalimuthu of Plan International (Click Here) for forwarding this information. Mr. Kalimuthu can be contacted for details of the relief work and regarding contributions to support the work.

Copy of Bihar floods response who is doing what

Flood relief camp guidelines -Hindi

The following is an official document from the government of Bihar how relief centers are to be run. It will be a useful social audit process to get input from field personnel and affected people about adherence to these guidelines. (Thanks to Eklavya Prasad of Megh Pyne Abhiyan for providing this document) Manual for relief centres

Flood relief camp guidelines - English

Find attached government guidelines on how officers are supposed to manage the flood relief camps. These guidelines may be useful to monitor the quality of service that is being given in the camps. So we felt that it would be useful to translate the document to English to make known to more people the service level that is being promised by the government. We request responses from relief workers and others in the field on whether these guidelines are being adhered to in practice  Please see the English translation in this word document




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