Loan waiver alone cannot solve farmers' woes: Experts

A farmer on his field. (Source: India Water Portal)
A farmer on his field. (Source: India Water Portal)

Need to tackle core issues to end farm crisis: Experts

According to farm sector experts, the Rs 34,000-crore farm loan waiver in Maharashtra alone will not help improve the situation of farmers in the state as they will continue to suffer from other important issues such as high input costs, low prices for their produce and scant water availability. Also, experts have suggested a need to change the cropping pattern in the state, which, if not addressed, will further deepen the agriculture crisis. A new solution, Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA) model, has also been recommended which aims to overcome the agrarian crisis by going the organic way. 

Locals turn Versova beach from worst polluted to a clean one 

In a survey done in 2015-16, the Versova beach was amongst the worst polluted beaches of Mumbai. However, inspired by Mumbai-based lawyer and environmentalist Afroze Shah, local residents decided to take matters into their own hands. The cleanup movement that was initiated by a few locals gained support from authorities. In July 2016, the efforts of Versova Resident Volunteers (VRV) won accolades as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) called it the “world’s largest beach cleanup in history”. Changing the face of the dirtiest beach, VRV had cleared five million kilograms of trash from the beach.  

After Bengaluru lakes, Hyderabad lake spills toxic foam

Last week, Hyderabad's Ramakrishnapuram Lake (RK Puram lake) was gushing with froth and clouds of noxious fumes. The lake is a part of the Alwal catchment area and feeds the aquifer whose water enters into homes of hundreds of residents of 14 different colonies. According to the preliminary investigation by the pollution control board, the reason for the lake's frothing was both sewage and the alleged dumping of animal waste. Moreover, the findings also claim that the detergent levels had doubled in the lake. 

MoU signed between India-Israel for water conservation in India

The Cabinet has approved the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between India and Israel on National Campaign for Water Conservation in India. As per the MoU, the two countries shall work to enhance cooperation at the national, regional and international level to design, implement and monitor the professionally-designed conservation campaign. Through this national campaign, the government intends to bring water conservation on the national agenda in India, encourage citizens to save water, promote its reuse, recharge and recycling. 

Odisha all set for a better flood control of the Mahanadi basin

Supported by the State Climate Change Innovation programme, Odisha government has developed a Real Time Flood Forecasting Model for the entire Mahanadi river basin. The aim of the model is to accomplish better flood control and its management through early warning systems in the Mahanadi basin. The state water resources department has been ordered to continue to work on improving the efficiency of the model and train its staff so that its outcome can be utilised in planning and support systems. 

This is a roundup of important news from June 27 - July 3, 2017. Also, read the policy matters this week. 


Post By: Swati Bansal