The lake and the well, part of a water master plan - Article by S. Vishwanath about Jakkur Lake in Bangalore

Multiple sourcing of water is now a necessity. This video describes Jakkur Lake which has been converted into a beautiful and bio-diverse wetland.

Author: S. Vishwanath
Video courtesy: Zenrainman

When a city adds nearly 3 million people in a span of a decade ensuring water supply to its citizens seems a huge challenge. One critical thing to realize is that the mind-set of ‘providing’ water has to change and become one of ensuring that citizens can access water of requisite quality.

Water will come from such sources as bore-wells, open wells, private water tankers, rain water, bottled water you name it.

In this particular case the Jakkur Lake in Bangalore is being fenced off and protected by the BDA at a cost of nearly Rs 22 crores. The BWSSB has set up a sewage treatment plant upstream and hopefully all of the sewage flow into this lake will be treated. The lake has become a beautiful wetland inviting birds and hosting a large variation of plant bio-diversity.

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