Join Matri Sadan in their fight to save the Ganga from indiscriminate mining!


Swami Shivanand and their 5 disciples are carrying on the struggle started by Swami Nigamanand and Swami Gokulanand who died after fasting to stop mining on the Ganga. This struggle has been going on for 14 years.

In November 2012, despite court orders, mining began again. On December 10, the 32 year old Swami Poornanand began fasting in protest. The police arrested Swami Poornanand on the charges of attempting to commit suicide. He is currently being held at Jolly Grant Hospital in Dehradun.
The film ends with an appeal to join this fight against corruption and environmental destruction.

Matri Sadan can be contacted at: +911334-246241, 245333, 9808725573