Inviting articles on the theme of water in cinema

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Voices from the Waters

Call for Papers

The brewing storm of Pather Panchali, love, drizzle, umbrellas and sidewalks of Shri 420, the constant downpour of the industrial future in 'Blade Runner'… the liquid grace of water has always fine tuned the iconic scenes of cinema. Cinema owes this blue elixir heightened emotions and delicate charm. As this magical resource increasingly becomes scarce, as the drought sets in, as it is tagged with a price, Deep Focus Film Quarterly proposes to dedicate the April 2008 edition to the cause and celebration of that precious bounty, WATER.

We invite well-researched articles on the theme of water in cinema. These may include articles on short and full length feature films and documentaries based in the context of water issues- water scarcity, dams, droughts, floods, global climate change, deforestation, conservation and water as culture and life, interviews with filmmaker-activists working in the field of water and articles tracing the relationship of water and cinema over the ages. Articles having a word-count of between 2000 to 4000 should be neatly typed with double spacing and should reach us by 28 th February 2008. It is very important to include film stills to illustrate your article.

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