Invitation for Ganga Workshop on 5th June 2008 in New Delhi

Forwarded to the Portal by: Dr. Vandana Shiva & Cmdr. Sureshwar Sinha

As you may be aware, the Bhagirathi is disappearing as the flow gets imprisoned in more and more dam projects. The threat to the lifeline of India's material and spiritual survival is a threat to our very future as a civilization. We feel this issue needs to be addressed collectively.

We have, therefore, decided to dedicate this year's World Environment Day , 5th June to the Ganga. We are organizing a workshop to take stock of the status of the river and to evolve an action plan to stop its disappearance and, thereby, protect our people and our civilization.

We hope you will join us for this important reflection and strategy workshop on 5th June at 10 am at Lecture Hall, India International Centre (Annexe), Lodhi Road, New Delhi.




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