International conference on environment audit - Concerns about water pollution - CAG (2010)

A conference to deliberate on the causes of pollution, governmental action, societal role and responsibility and management of sustainable water systems

CAGThis link on the CAG website provides the details of an international conference that was held on 15-16 March 2010, in the backdrop of the environmental audit proposed by the the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, for management and conservation of the environment .

The purpose of this conference was to deliberate on the causes of pollution, action taken by governments and civil society to address this and environmental, management and legal interventions needed to put lakes, rivers and ground water on the path of sustainability.

More than 20 experts on water and water pollution issues were invited to share their views as panelists during the conference. Apart from these distinguished panelists, the heads of supreme audit institutions from countries like Austria, Maldives, Bangladesh and Bhutan were also present to share their experiences regarding audit of water pollution in their countries.

The details of the conference:

Introduction to the conference

Programme details

Details regarding the speakers and panelists

Presentations made during the conference:

Session on pollution of lakes

Session on pollution of rivers

Session on pollution of groundwater

CAG's address during the conference

Summary of the conference

Download the presentations:


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