Integrated Power Policy - A framework for people-centric, environment-friendly and a sustainable power policy - A book by Shankar Sharma

The primary objectives of this book are:

  1.  To discuss as to what constitutes the true electrical power demand of our communities;
  2. To discuss the social, economic and environmental impacts of various conventional forms of producing electricity in the Indian context;
  3.  To discuss India’s potential in various forms of energy resources w.r.t its natural limitations;
  4.  To discuss the costs & benefits to our society of conventional power sources, and suitable alternatives; and
  5.  To recommend a set of credible action plans/policies for a sustainable power policy.

The main arguments made by the author are as follows:

  1. The true electrical power demand in our country could be much less than the exaggerated figures given by the official agencies;
  2. Such legitimate demand can be met without having to add a lot of conventional power plants in the near future, and by renewable energy resources alone in the longer term; and
  3. The relevant technologies are already known to be techno-economically viable.

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